The United Nations Association of New York:
Bringing the UN to You




UNA is a force for change.

Through the work of the United Nations Association of New York and the over 175 community-based chapters around the country, UNA-USA creates a powerful national constituency for a United Nations that advances American interests in a global system. UNA offers each and every American the opportunity to connect with the critical issues confronted by the U.N. — from global health and human rights, to the spread of democracy, equitable sustainable development, and international justice. UNA educates Americans about the work of the United Nations, and builds public support for more effective U.S. engagement in the U.N.

UNA is a catalyst.

As a convener for a wide variety of groups (business, academic, diplomatic, government, grassroots), UNA provides a bipartisan forum for analysis and discussion on a wide range of global issues important to America's role in the world. These unique programs position UNA as an incubator of new ideas and approaches for a more effective United Nations.

UNA is an advocate.

Coordinated by UNA-USA's Washington Office, UNA advocacy efforts support responsible U.S. participation in the U.N. and other multilateral international institutions. UNA serves as a resource for the U.S. Government, monitors key international affairs developments in Congress, and disseminates timely "Action Alerts" on legislation. UNA also coordinates an annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

UNA is an educator.

Americans of all ages benefit from supporting UNA. Our innovative classroom curricula for students in grades 6-12, the highly acclaimed Model United Nations learning experience, in addition to our series of public lectures and seminars, are a few examples of how UNA raises the public's understanding of global issues.

UNA is a doorway.

Members of UNA receive "behind-the-scenes" news and information about the U.N. and global issues. Members are also invited to an exclusive annual "Members' Day" event at United Nations Headquarters in New York each spring. Join UNA today!

Board of Directors: UNA of New York's Board of Directors is comprised of interested citizens from all over the City who volunteer their time and effort to advance the work of the United Nations. View a complete directory of the Board and Advisory Council.

Committees: UNA of New York has three committees: the Education Committee, Program Committee, and Advocacy Committee. Learn more about our committees.

The United Nations Association of New York is a chapter of the UNA-USA. We are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization according to U.S. regulations and all contributions are tax deductible.