Special UNA-NY Events

Our New York Chapter offers a stimulating selection of events and activities entirely suited to the interest range of its lively New York constituency.

The Ambassador Series

A continuing favorite, UNA-NY Ambassador Series presents well-attended programs in partnership with the Columbia Club of New York. We host several ambassadors every year, who are invited to discuss current events and pertinent issues from their varied experiences and the background of their respective regions. US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad opened the series in 2008. View upcoming appearances and past visits.

Screening the Issues

UNA-NY offers a series of film and discussion events, designed to promote the work of the UN in a fresh, engaging way. Featured are recently produced films which address some of the many vital global issues which concern the UN, and made by intelligent, passionate filmmakers who are invited to each screening to involve and motivate an ethically aware New York audience in discussing issues illustrated in the films. Learn more here.


This bright new complement to our film-talk presentations features books and their authors whose work is in-depth, politically and ethically engaged, far-sighted and often controversial. We host writers and thinkers who illuminate many complex social and political realities that challenge assumptions, while offering inspiration, ideas and understanding which can create possibilities for a better world. Their valuable presentations complement the far-reaching work of the United Nations and its vital goals. Learn more here.


Education is an important part of our outreach to our members as well as the general public. At present our activities include The Worldview Institute — a continuing favorite with young New York professional participants, but also programs in collaboration with other educational institutions.


Since 2007, The Worldview Institute provides a forum within which New York professionals can engage and discuss global issues with experts in foreign policy and international affairs. The program consists of ten seminar modules geared to develop and enhance the scope of the work and activities of young business executives at U.S. based multi-national corporations and young professionals within the NGO, UN, media, law, government, diplomatic and academic communities. Seminar topics stimulate informal but academic discussions with practitioners in the international arena and illuminate and explore business, political, economic and social trends in different regions of the world, while also addressing the contextual role of the UN. Our discussions are led by distinguished lecturers including UN ambassadors, noted academics and leaders in global business. See our current and previous offerings here.


UN Tours | Students benefit from and are always inspired by school field trips and tours of the United Nations. After UN tours, they are often greeted and engaged by the spouses of Ambassadors, or UN officials, who introduce their respective countries to them.

Student Training at the UN | The training program, in partnership with the World Federation of United Nations Assocations (WFUNA), promotes the effective participation of youth in the work of the UN through a one-week training course in New York, covering three thematic areas: peace and security, sustainable development and human rights. Workshops on global governance, civil society mobilization and engagement, and the work of UN agencies and partners all complement the training as well as provide networking opportunities for participating students. Learn more here.

Global Classroms Model UN | Global Classrooms Model UN is an educational program that engages public middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues. It is the only  program of study and instruction based on Model UN, the largest Model UN network both inside and outside the United States, and the only Model UN provider focused on underserved populations. Learn more here.

Fellowship Programs | We occasionally host students from various fellowship programs, which help talented New York City students from low-income families and provide them with academic support, leadership activities and career advice. These diverse students, many from immigrant families, learn about the UN and its global activities while touring the UN building, and receive stimulating and valuable international perspectives.


Our Advocacy work helps the NYC community learn about and support the United Nations and its vital work, and communicates directly with UN, Federal, and State representatives on important issues. Go to the Advocacy page to learn more.