Student Advocacy in Action




As the next generation of leaders in the international community, students stand poised to take action and make a difference in their schools, communities, as well as their country.

GenUN, a national student initiative of UNA-USA, engages a generation of young people in the work of the United Nations by empowering them to inform, inspire, and mobilize their peers to support the vital work of the UN. Globally minded middle school, high school, and college students can promote constructive United States leadership at the UN by participating in an array of UNA-USA activities at the local and national levels.

Whether you are a Model UN delegate, an advocate for reducing global poverty, an international affairs student, or new to the work of international organizations, GenUN offers you the opportunity to participate in a nationwide movement for the United Nations.

Explore the opportunities for students and young people — to help build a strong U.S.-UN relationship — and a better world.

Hey students — join up today!


Global Classrooms Model UN is an educational program that engages public middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues. It is the only  program of study and instruction based on Model UN, the largest Model UN network both inside and outside the United States, and the only Model UN provider focused on underserved populations.

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Campus Advocates offers today's globally minded students the opportunity to participate in shaping the future. Educate yourself and others on UN issues, advocate on behalf of the UN, and spread the word about the important work the UN does around the globe.

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UNA Young Professionals are committed to fostering international cooperation and community education on international affairs. Young Professional groups work locally throughout the United States to promote and implement education projects, advocate for a strong U.S.-UN relationship, and participate in professional development opportunities.

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