UNA-NY Congratulates St. John's University as
2012 Student Alliance Winner




On January 18, the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association of New York selected the St. John's University UNA-NY Student Alliance in Support of the UN Millennium Development Goals as the most successful student alliance among schools in the UNA-NY Chapter.

From left: UNA-NY member Christi Desir; student Alia Harun; Janine Flores, President of the St. John's Student Alliance; student Adela Ruiz; UNA-NY Board Member Leila Zubi; UNA-NY President Paula Rice Jackson; Professor Heather Butts, Student Alliance faculty advisor; and students Paige Ingram and Warren Cheung. | CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Through its advocacy with local elected officials, film programs, campus outreach, and service commitments in New York and El Salvador, the St. John's University UNA-NY Student Alliance has accomplished the most successful initiatives of the Student Alliances in the UNA-NY Chapter.  We honor the St. John's Student Alliance in Support of the UN MDGs, and we very much look forward to its continued successes!

"To have the dream to change the world might seem intimidating, but it is not impossible when working together with others that share the same passion," said Janine Flores, the president of the alliance. "As students at St. John's University, we believe that it is our responsibility to enlighten our student body about the challenges facing developing nations and their struggle to eradicate poverty. Through our film outreach program and our collaboration with organizations on campus, we become catalysts of change. We are honored to be the first UNA-NY Student Alliance winners, it is a remarkable achievement, and we are honored to share this award with our university."

"We thank the UNA-NY most sincerely for our award," said Heather Butts, faculty advisor to the alliance. "It is an honor to be recognized for work that both I and the students feel is essential, necessary and vital. Through helping others the students are themselves nurtured and fulfilled as human beings. We are humbled and grateful to partner with the UNA-NY in this endeavor and look forward to growing and broadening our outreach and service projects."

The UNA-NY Student Alliance in Support of the UN MDGs is a volunteer school program that encourages action-oriented, globally-minded college students to educate, inspire, and mobilize their peers, communities, and the United States government to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations and the MDGs through outreach, education, and advocacy initiatives. The Student Alliance that implements the highest number of initiatives in a school year is honored by the UNA-NY with a Student Alliance in Support of the UN MDGs award of $1000 to be used by the winning school to support and continue its activities.

For more information about how to form a UNA-NY Student Alliance in Support of the UN MDGs at your school, as well as eligibility to win the 2013 UNA-NY Student Alliance award, please click here.

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reportage: Leila Zubi