The Importance of Successful Advocacy:
2013 Update




The Advocacy Program of UNA-USA remains a vital part of our present and future agenda. The Advocacy Leads of the nationwide Chapters and Divisions have recently completed a survey requesting priorities that UNA-USA should consider for the 2013-2014 advocacy agenda.

One of the most successful pieces of previous advocacy efforts has been the Rapid Response. Chapter Presidents and designated Advocacy Leads are notified by the UNA-USA National Office as soon as a possibly troubling and/or vital vote is anticipated in Congress. Those who are notified can immediately contact their Congressmen and women and ask chapter members to do the same. Experience has shown that the more individual responses Congress receives, the more pressure it feels to vote for the will of their constituents.

Some of the items in the survey include continued emphasis on issues of UN Funding, Human Rights, International Treaties/Conventions and the Millennium Development Goals. Other items to consider for the coming year, include Environment, Gender Equality, Education and Health.

The results of this year's survey are being compiled and will be announced soon. In the interim, we continue to advocate for the ideals and programs that are so important to the UNA.


Joan Levy
Advocacy Chair
United Nations Association, New York City Chapter
and New York Southern Division