Training at the United Nations | New York

4-8 August 2014




The United Nations Association of New York (UNA-NY), in partnership with the World Federation of United Nations Assocations (WFUNA), is launching Training at the United Nations, a 2014 program for high school students, as part of its ongoing commitment to educate and engage youth in the work of the UN.

As leading organizations with a primary mission of supporting the principles and purposes of the United Nations, UNA-NY and WFUNA together are natural partners for such a program at the UN.

In addition to offering students a rare and intimate view into the workings of the UN, our education partners at selected high schools are aiding in the career development of their youth.




The training program promotes the effective participation of youth in the work of the United Nations through a one-week training course in New York, with thematic programming on the three pillars:

• Peace and Security
• Sustainable Development
• Human Rights

Seminars and workshops on global governance, civil society mobilization and engagement, and the work of UN agencies and partners all complement the training as well as provide networking opportunities for participating students.


The 2014 New York UN training program, made up of student groups from the New York metropolitan and tri-state areas, as well as participating students from Korea, will feature a week-long intensive session focusing on the UN system and the Millennium Development Goals. The students will be competitively selected, and will participate in interactive workshops as well as briefings by UN agencies and departments. 

The training program will also introduce them to critical thinking processes necessary when trying to come up with innovative solutions to real world problems. Students will learn project management skills throughout the week and apply them to their group projects as they research, brainstorm, and analyze UN organizational approaches to sustainable development. Students will then present on the last day in different groups on their work throughout the week.


Students can find general information about the program here.

UPDATE 07/25/14: This year's outline is now available, for all interested students to begin their preparation, by clicking here.



There is a course fee for each student participant of $1500.

For all enrollments and payment (by check only), please complete and send the form which you can download here. Please note that as class size is limited, all submissions should be in by July 1.

For more information, please contact UNA-NY Executive Director Ann Nicol at 212-907-1353 or by email:


Download the Enrollment Form here.