UNA-NY Evening at the Consulate
Ambassador Sun Guoxiang




In early September, our Members-only Consulate Evening featured a visit to the Chinese Consulate General in New York, for an informal first-hand introduction to the economy, culture and cuisine of the People's Republic of China.

We were warmly welcomed by our gracious host, the Ambassador and Consul General Sun Guoxiang, who provided us with many impressions of the current state of Chinese and U.S. relations, including various economic outlines of trade and commerce activities between the two countries. He particularly stressed the importance of the Chinese presence and role in the United Nations at this time, maintaining his own resolve to continue fostering the growth of friendship in their relations.

Some scintillating musical entertainment of the evening was provided by the young Chinese duo known as FJ Music Fusion. Featuring Feifei Yang and Jiaju Shen on erhu (violin) and pipa (lute) respectively, this duo has set out to bring China's traditional music to contemporary audiences through modern interpretations of classical pieces and integration with other musical genres.

As well, there was an amazing and sumptuous banquet of delicious Chinese-style offerings, such as one would savor at some of the best Chinese restaurants in New York. 

We look forward to our next Members-only consulate evening coming up in December — when we plan a visit with Austria!