Exciting Marketing Opportunity to Support the United Nations

UNA-NY has researched and developed a proposal to create an engaging interactive DVD introduction to the United Nations, timed if funding is secured, for 2005, the 60th anniversary of the U.N. It will be disseminated to US libraries and will be available to UNA chapters and to U.N. bookstores throughout the world.

It is aimed at the many Americans who do not know much about the extensive activities of the various U.N. agencies. They will learn how President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the idea for the UN, learned from the failures of the League of Nations, spent $25 million to insure that representatives from many countries could attend the 1945 San Francisco convention and successfully established what is still today the only multi-lateral security organization in the world. Interactive scenarios based on real U.N. events will help people understand the complexities involved in public health, peace keeping, world trade and the environment.

An award-winning production company has been selected. They have extensive experience in developing materials for museums and other educational institutions.

Anyone with a suggestion of where to help locate funds for the project should contact its project director, Katherine Kline at kklineco@aol.com.