UNA-NY Board of Directors Issues Recommendations for 2007 Advocacy Agenda

1. Darfur and Chad.

The US Government should vigorously exercise its moral leadership to alleviate the human tragedy occurring in Darfur, and now in Chad; to that end, it should immediately support and fund its share of a strong UN peacekeeping operation in the region, and strenuously urge the Security Council to take effective measures in support of such an operation.

2. Millennium Development Goals.

The Congress should adjust its budget priorities so that an appropriate share of the costs required to achieve the Millennium Development Goals can be met.

3. UN Reform.

The US Government should be engaged constructively in continuing multilateral efforts to reform and strengthen the United Nations, and should conduct its diplomatic efforts in a spirit of cooperation, flexibility and compromise.

4. Women and Children.

The US Government should endeavor to achieve a stronger UN-based international effort to combat the pervasive violence against, and trafficking in, women and children.

5. UN Capital Master Plan.

The US Government should constructively assist in resolving the growing problem of the UN’s severely aging facilities, through support of the UN Capital Master Plan.