Worldview Institute Completes First Semester

“The Worldview Institute offered a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with senior diplomats, scholars and business leaders. The series provided a great forum for debating world politics and international affairs. A fantastic learning experience.”

Robin van Puyenbroeck
Vice President

“I walked away from each session having a clearer picture of how to conduct business helping me strengthen leadership skills and approach goals in a more holistic and sustainable manner. I am looking forward to signing up for the next session and encourage other young professionals to do the same."

Alycia Gilde,
Environmental Specialist and Human Rights Advocate

Fall 2007 Term reception

Twenty four early and mid-career professionals from New York City spent last fall studying at the ten seminar sessions of the Worldview Institute. It was, as one participant put it, the “perfect end to a business day in New York.” Each session provided an opportunity to discuss global business issues with ambassadors and corporate leaders over a light supper followed by a presentation and seminar.

UNA-NY instituted the Worldview Institute with a seed grant from several sponsors to address the growing need for education on global issues. The target audience is professionals seeking to build their careers in a global business environment. The programs covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the environment to geopolitics to statutory and compliance issues relating to world trade. The semester ended in January. After the huge success of the pilot session, we plan to make this a permanent part of our outreach mission and to scale it up significantly. We are presently sifting through various suggestions and feedback to broaden and sharpen effectiveness and appeal. Enrollments for the spring semester will start in mid March.