UNA-NY 2007 Gala Sponsors Wells in Afghanistan

The UNA-NY 2007 Annual Gala was held on October 25 at the United Nations Delegates’ Dining Room. Over 200 people attended the black tie dinner. The theme was “The Global Water Crisis.”

Our 2007 UNA-NY Humanitarian of the Year Awards recognized significant efforts to bring clean water for drinking and sanitation to the estimated one billion people without access to clean water around the world. A portion of the Gala proceeds went to constructing village wells in Afghanistan in partnership with the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The wells will materially improve living conditions in their respective areas for people in the war-ravaged region.

Well in Afghanistan

Well in Afghanistan

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UNA-NY Vice President, Sherrie Murphy produced a booklet about the extent and magnitude of The Global Water Crisis. Click here for a copy of Useful Facts About the Worldwide Water Crisis.