UNA-NY and USA for UNHCR Complete Ten Water Points in Central and Eastern Afghanistan

The United Nations Association of New York in partnership with USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, have completed the construction of ten water points in the central and eastern regions of Afghanistan to benefit returning Afghan refugees. With the support of UNA-NY, the UN Refugee Agency was able to construct ten wells in these two regions as part of the agency's larger initiative to construct 375 wells throughout the country. These wells are benefitting returnee and local populations in five villages whose water resources had been badly outstretched due to large numbers of returnees. The wells have contributed both to the smooth re-integration of returning populations as well as to the overall health and stability of the regions. The total beneficiaries of the wells are 2,070 people.

Well in Afghanistan

The remarkable impact made through UNA-NY's contribution has been life changing for the vulnerable men, women and children in these villages. The beneficiaries expressed deep gratitude for the wells and explained to local staff that they felt the wells were a "gift from God."

For a detailed report please view Safe Water in Afghanistan.