BHUTTO: An Evening of Intense Engagement and Insights with Dr. Mark Siegel


As part of our ongoing Screening the Issues film-talk series, BHUTTO, the newly-released and award-winning documentary on the life of Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was presented to a sold-out audience at the Tribeca Grand Hotel screening room.

The evening was capped by a highly informative — and deeply moving — talk by the film's producer, Mark Siegel. A leading Washington D.C. political scholar, analyst and policy maker, Mr. Siegel was a close friend, political advisor and speechwriter for Benazir Bhutto for 25 years.

The film chronicles the astounding life of Benazir Bhutto, all the while encompassing the highly complex and turbulent history of Pakistan and the singular heritage of the Bhutto political dynasty.

The intense engagement which the film produced, both intellectually and emotionally, was brought to an even more meaningful level thanks to the talk by Mr. Siegel after the screening. He generously shared stories and insights drawn from his longstanding friendship and professional association with Bhutto. The evening closed with a keenly focused question-and-answer session between Mr. Siegel and the audience.

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